Mount St. Helens is home to a variety of amazing wildlife. Larger animals that frequent St. Helens include:

  • Majestic Elk
  • Black-tailed deer
  • Mountain goats
  • American black bears
  • Cougars

In 1980, Mt St. Helens forcefully erupted with a monumental outpouring of lava and ash. This did have a significant impact on the wildlife in the area – but not everything died! Plenty of plants and animals survived the eruption.

Birds were most heavily impacted, with most birds in the blast area killed by debris. In the nearly 40 years since the eruption though, the area has been recolonized by new bird species like the warbling vireo and the black-headed grosbeak.

The beautiful black bears took several years off from the area after the eruption (due to no food being present), but have started to venture back as berry-producing plants regrew.